Desirables Dalia

I compare the Desirables Dalia to one of your prized trophies.  You are gentle with it, you keep it in a nice box sitting on a velvet pillow, clean and polish it and place it gently back down to admire its beauty, while feeling so proud to have it in your collection of toys.  The Dalia is made from a Limoges porcelain, which is fairly robust and is less likely to crack when exposed to hot temperatures.  This makes it the perfect material for temperature play dildos. It is also hollow inside making you wonder if it may be fragile and break while in use.  The walls are thick enough where you won’t have that to worry about, and being that it is hollow, it makes the Dalia extremely light weight (only 4.8oz).  Believe it or not, porcelain toys are pretty darn hard to break, so you should have no worries of it breaking on your, or inside of you.  Treat this toy like the trophy it is and it will most likely outlast you.

The Dalia is such a simple design, yet so wonderful.  The shape of it reminds me of one of my new favorites that I have to write a review on soon, the Swan Wand, but smaller in stature and extremely lighter in weight. It is a double ended toy with two very different ends designed with two different purposes in mind.  The smaller of the two ends is designed for vaginal health and used mainly for kegel exercises, something that is very beneficial and should be practiced by all women.  The design allows the slimmer more elongated shape to be squeezed by the vaginal wall muscles.  The booklet that comes along with the Dalia has great detailed instructions on how to perform a proper kegel workout. 

The other end of the Dalia is designed with the G-spot in mind.  This end is much more girthier and has more of a pointed end for pin point accuracy.  The tip makes it easy for insertion and once the Dalia is inside it did not take long to find my G-spot.  I began sliding it back and forth to stimulate my erogenous zone and let me tell you it did not take long to reach the desired outcome….a body tensing, toe curling, somewhat out of body orgasm.

The entire length of the toy measures seven inches long. I tend to insert about 5-6 inches in while I play.  The larger end has a diameter of about 1.35 inches and a circumference of 4.25 inches.  The middle of the Dalia, where you can really try and squeeze your pelvic muscles is only .84 inches in diameter and 2.65 inches in circumference.  The smaller rounded end measures 1.19 inches in diameter and 3.75 inches in circumference.

Overall this prize jewel of dildos had me skeptical and unsure how it would perform.  Well I will have to say it has many uses and can get the job done, whether its strengthening your vaginal muscles with a great vaginal workout routine, or simply playing around with temperature and feeling many different sensations.

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