The Ussy Review

Most stroker style toys for men are one in the same. Mainly made from TPE, look like a vagina, and claim to feel like the real thing. Really I have tried many and they are all extremely similar to me. So when I was able to try out the Ussy, which doesn’t have the same look as most male strokers, I wasn’t convinced it was going to wow me. Mainly because I’m a visual guy and the Ussy doesn’t have a sexual appeal as a realistic vagina would. So my expectations were set pretty low.

Before I talk about the experience I had with the Ussy, let’s talk about all the main points about the Ussy. A couple of important questions answered by the creators of the Ussy.

What type of material is the Ussy made out of and how easy is it to clean?

It’s made out of one hundred percent high quality silicone making it the easiest to clean sex toy for men. Soap and water and shake to dry. It also means that it is not porous so will never get moldy or stinky and can last life times if cared for properly. This is a big point because there are not many one piece silicone toys on the market for men.

What makes the Ussy unique or versatile compared to its competitors?

It has hole on the top that creates a vacuum when your penis is inside if you cover it and also feels nice to stick your finger in. It stays in place and you can use it hands free on a desk, bed, or against the wall in the shower holding it with your belly. The inside has a slight curve so every way you turn it can touch different parts of your penis. You can squeeze it and hold it in every way because it was designed for experimentation.  The lips at the entrance also feel a bit similar to a blow job. A big difference to using your hands is the feeling of cumming inside of something warm. It’s organic abstract shape is not meant to be a substitution but broaden the possibilities for new sensations and perfect alone or with a partner.

The company is great to work with and from this video you can see they have a great sense of humor as well.

Link below ⬇️

All questions and fun aside…how did the Ussy make me feel and did it wow me in any way?

Yes the Ussy is here to stay! And because of the material and ease of cleaning, it here to stay for a lifetime. The Ussy itself measures in at 8.9” X 3.3” X 3.15” which makes it a toy for about 90% of men. The opening or “lips” if referring to a vagina or mouth is shaped in a way that allows you to spread open and apply lubricant without making a mess. It also allows for a comfortable entry when inserting your penis in. The shape is such a unique and brilliant design that offers a comfortable grip and ability to squeeze or release for perfect amount of friction. Now let me tell you about one of my favorite parts of the Ussy. It has a hole at the top which allows you to place your finger over it and to turn your HJ into a BJ! Once you place you finger over the hole is creates a suction inside and completely changes the experience. Complete game changer and I loved it. But overall the feel, the cleaning, the versatility, everything is great about this product and if you’re looking for a product that will get you off and last for a lifetime. This is the product needed to be in your nightstand.

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