Vibrating Probe Cockring Review

Another Tootimid favorite of ours! This item came to us a few weeks ago along with some other items we were happy to receive. But this one seemed to be the favorite of the bunch, or maybe it was that we tested it out last, either way the experience was GREAT!

The cock ring didn’t come in any special packaging, but was delivered to us quickly and discretely, along with the others. It sits at 6.25″ in total length, with 5.5″ insertable. The diameter, at the widest point is a comfortable 1.2″. It is made from a silky smooth silicone material, that is non-porous and hypoallergenic. What makes this product really nice, is how it’s designed. There are two flexible cock rings that fit snuggly around the base of your penis and the other fits comfortably around your testicles. In between the two cock rings sits the flexible, beaded anal probe, which has the option of slipping a vibrating bullet inside for extra pleasure. Your partner gets to experience double penetration, without the company of another man, how amazing is that?!

I couldn’t believe how full, hard, and thick this made my erection. My wife obviously wasn’t complaining, as she moaned with pleasure. It was not long after we began with just my penis, was she screaming for me to slide the anal probe inside. With the help of some lube and juices from her soaking wet pussy, the probe easily slid in. One bead at a time, thrust after thrust, she was ready for another, until the whole probe was inside. The fulfillment of the double penetration and sensations she was experiencing, she came instantly with a gushing orgasm. Myself, being so thrilled and turned on by her orgasm and how amazing her wet pussy felt, I couldn’t wait much longer before it was my turn to go. This will long be one of our favorite cock rings to choose from.


Appearance ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️





If you’re interested in finding this item, visit Tootimid below.


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